Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Before & Afters!

I finally feel like I can post some Before & After house projects...but, you know I'm not very good at taking some may just be "After"s.  :)

The front room when you walk in was:
Now with some furniture, blinds, and paint. (Still needs some curtains):
I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of the horrible red/pink wallpaper that was in the guest bath! Here is the bath after we replaced the light and faucet and removed the wallpaper. Took 5 days to get the walls patched, sanded, repatched, resanded, painted, then the faux finish applied.
The Living Room before:
And after some ceiling patching and painting, wall and trim painting, blinds installed, and new carpet:
(Technically the wall quote is upstairs...I just needed a fourth picture for the collage.)  :)
Side note: The coffee table is new...just finished it yesterday. After almost 8 years, we upgraded our $10 coffee table to a $20 craigslist find coffee table. hehe. Here it is after, all white and pretty.
Sorry it's sideways...

Not ready to show any other rooms downstairs yet, so moving upstairs...
You come to Kennley's nursery. Again no was the cleanest room with little wall damage, just a busted door. Same decor she had in the old house, just a new space:
Next the second bath:
And after some awesome paint and accessories:
 (Still have to rip out and replace the awful carpet...with sparkly white tile!)
Rylan's artwork and gorgeous knobs that match the walls perfectly!  :)

Since I can't show you our room me, you don't want to see it, I'll show you our bathroom.
Before: Yellooooow!
New light, new shower head, faux finished walls, 5 rugs, some curtains, etc...
Oh, and the chandelier in my!! Also love the decal on the shower glass.
On to Rylan's room...but first, the hallway...walls and trim painted...oh, and a baby who was mad that I wouldn't read her a book right then so she is pouting... Before:
Rylan's room Before:

And after chair rail removed, every inch painted, blinds and curtains installed:
Yes...much better! :)
The most recent room I worked on was the guest room. We had the deadline of this week to get it done before company stayed with us. I didn't know it would take 2 days just to get the wallpaper border off:

Now we can have some company:

Seriously, it's the most soft, relaxing gray wall color, with fun accents, including lanterns that light up.
I want to lay down and take a nap every time I go in there. Oh, and the 7.5 ft tall hutch in the corner was it's own was yellow, blue, and neon green when I got it!

So there ya have it! You're up to date on what's been accomplished so far.
THANK YOU to everyone who helped!