Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

Our cabinets are no longer nasty!!! :)

I shall remind you of what they looked like...
Removal of the red wall paper...
(Had the faux-finish wall technique done earlier this summer)

 Had to get some drawers custom made to fit in the missing spots...
 All the cabinets had bad wear marks from where you grabbed the cabinet doors to open them...
 ...and them some of them had this build up that, I kid you not, smelled just like vomit!...
 ...and lots of unidentified splatter marks that ate through the varnish...
Well, a lot of scraping and sanding, priming and painting, and staining, sealing, and handle-installing later...
Sorry they look SO dark in these is a dark brown, but in some pics they look almost black.
The island front:

 The island back:
The sink area:

 The 'vomit' cabinet:

 LOVE those knobs! ( is HALF the price of Home Depot...and has free shipping!)
A little bit of the process: scraped off nastiness, sanded smooth, primed, applied 2 coats of brown (same color as dining room) then 1 coat of custom made stain mixture...
 Then applied 1, then 2 coats of polyurethane (depending on the amount of traffic the area would receive)
 And that's it! Beautiful!  :)
 Same shot, just 2 different light settings...

Next kitchen to-do is to replace 2 of the small brass pendant lights with red marble ones and then later the light above the kitchen table. Oh, and then eventually....replace the pink countertops!! :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Saturday Project

Decided to tackle the front door this weekend. I didn't think I would be able to do it for awhile but with the dramatic cool off the temp was perfect...and Len was out of perfect conditions!  :)

Here's the semi-before. (I had already started priming the window trim)

Then after 1 coat of red:
Then after 2 coats of brown/black paint/stain and the white finished:

 Up close of the stain on the red:
Wreath back up:
And final before/after view:
Total hours: about 6. Total cost: $0 (I had everything on hand from other projects)
A successful Saturday I'd say!  :)

Guess I should've posted pics of the wreath too.   :)

 Cost was about $10. $7 for the 16" floral foam wreath and $2 from the clearance yarn at Hobby Lobby. I already had all the fabric and accessories. The fabric was leftover from the pillows and curtains in the living room.
Up close of the 4 different types of flowers:
And the banner is just hot-glued fabric triangles with overlapping brown and white letter stickers.

 There ya have it! :)