Sunday, January 6, 2013

Laundry Room Done!

Huge check off my list today...the laundry room is 'done'! That leaves us with only the master bed left to 'makeover'. It all came together when dad gave me a Lowe's gift card for Christmas...Len drafted how he was going to build me custom-depth, very tall cabinets then bought the lumber and went to his gpa's workshop and together they built the cabinets. We borrowed some muscles from the neighbors to get it hoisted up there. I'm so glad Len was able to get them made and up before he left for the weekend so I had another 'surprise' project to work on, which is my tradition when he is out of town.  :)

Before: We took out the nasty single shelf:

I loved the color of the door in my big painting. I don't have much blue anywhere in my house, but decided I wanted to base this room off that color. I paired the muted turquoise with orange, champagne, and white. Oh I LOVE my new laundry room!!!! Ekk!! :)  Some pics:

I lightly distressed the cabinets to reveal the pretty wood hue. I still need to play around with some nick-nacs to see what I really want to keep in there. I also plan on doing something more on the opposite wall...for now it has a foam board to hold Ry's artwork.

 Now I need to find some laundry to do....!