Monday, August 13, 2012

Quick Project Update

Here is the 'after' pic of the guest bathroom:
Love the wall color and texture, but the faucet is my favorite feature!
I didn't like the cabinet color though. It's the same color throughout the house so I wanted to try a refinish in a little space to see if I would like to do it to all the cabinets.

So...I taped...yes, I taped. (something I NEVER do) and I'm glad I did for this project. :) Then I primed the cabinets and all the small trim. (after the primer dried, I taped, again, over the trim to do the cabinets.)
Some more pics of the wood before: (You can't even see the adorable knobs I installed b/c they blended into the wood color)

The doors, both with two coats of glossy paint, one with the stain/paint mixture I made:

I only had brown stain leftover from another project so I mixed in some black paint to get a darker color.

 I'm in LOVE.  hehe. :) And now those look even more ubber cute against the dark wood. I will definitely do the kitchen cabinets a similar color!

One more update:
Dining room before:
Dining room with new (used) table:
Blinds installed, nasty chandelier removed, string lights painted and installed, all walls and trim painted...and...

here you have the latest "after" pic...

for now...    :)
 (I removed all the project supplies off the table to take this pic so it has not been properly cleaned yet.)  :)
Two tone brown walls, white under chair rail, no more chandelier...

And that's my update for today...going to the park later since it's finally under 100 degrees!!