Monday, February 16, 2015

Baby Boy Nursery...aka Little Man Cave

I get to make a baby BOY nursery, can you believe it?!?! :) It started off a little stressful as hubby and I didn't have the same decorating/theme ideas, but eventually I figured out what I wanted to do and tried to keep him involved in all the projects. This became my big to-do over Christmas break.
We moved Berkley and her crib into the big girls' room and I was able to get most of the walls painted. I received a new crib for Christmas so we set that up in the nursery and now Berkley goes back and forth between the two rooms depending on the sleep needs of everyone else in the family. Soooo, she's been spending most of her sleeps in the nursery. (We did build her a murphy bed to sleep in once she outgrows her crib, which will take up very little room in the shared girls' room, but that's a post for another time.)

It all started with this rug...I knew it was the foundational piece I wanted to base every thing off of. It's from atHome (the old Garden Ridge store.) I had to sell almost everything from the old girlie yellow cottage chic nursery to be able to buy this faux fur beauty.
 Then came some pillows from West Elm and some paint swatches...
 Medium gray paint on 3 walls...
 Accent wall would be dark gray with white stripes.
I purchased a perfect, long dresser off of Craigslist and refinished it. (It may just be my favorite piece I've ever done!)

I also wanted some shelving and LOVED the look of floating wood shelves but they were hundreds of dollars! We had some wood leftover from building the garage shelves so we cut them to size and I banged them up real good and stained them til they were as dark as I wanted.

Hubby helped me build a teepee...I painted pvc poles brown and the fabric is a canvas drop cloth which we attached to the poles with leather strips.
 Berkley approves the teepee! :)

 Got to have pillows and a sheepskin rug in there!
So here's the rest of the 'little man cave'...

 My dad bought me several gorgeous faux fur type blankets that I'm obsessed with!
 And the crib came two-toned colored which was perfect!
 I finally finished reupholstering the rocking chair today...again, Berkley approves. :)

 We used some leftover fence wood from our backyard to make a wall piece for above the dresser/changing station.

 The little collage wall and storage/seating...

There's still 3 or so more things on my to-do list before the room is totally complete, but I wanted to document it before we get any closer to his arrival. We are so excited for our little man to join the family!!