Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Saturday Project

Decided to tackle the front door this weekend. I didn't think I would be able to do it for awhile but with the dramatic cool off the temp was perfect...and Len was out of perfect conditions!  :)

Here's the semi-before. (I had already started priming the window trim)

Then after 1 coat of red:
Then after 2 coats of brown/black paint/stain and the white finished:

 Up close of the stain on the red:
Wreath back up:
And final before/after view:
Total hours: about 6. Total cost: $0 (I had everything on hand from other projects)
A successful Saturday I'd say!  :)

Guess I should've posted pics of the wreath too.   :)

 Cost was about $10. $7 for the 16" floral foam wreath and $2 from the clearance yarn at Hobby Lobby. I already had all the fabric and accessories. The fabric was leftover from the pillows and curtains in the living room.
Up close of the 4 different types of flowers:
And the banner is just hot-glued fabric triangles with overlapping brown and white letter stickers.

 There ya have it! :)

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