Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Decor Time! Yippee!

I recently bought an antique window and was so excited to use it in my living room to replace the shelf that was above theTV (b/c it was way too small for that large wall) It took a couple days to chisel and sand it smooth and then paint it white. So here it is in all its nakedness...
Then I made a banner out of scrap fabric...too cute. :)

 I want to decorate it differently for each season so I started thinking what I could do for the Fall... so I found an old book, cut out some leaves, and hot-glued them to some thin rope.

Then I decided it needed something big in the middle like....a wreath! So I went to hobby lobby and an hour and 3 glue sticks later had a new, and very "fall", wreath.
Before: the supplies:

Then I hung it up...

But then I thought the banner was too much so I moved it to the fireplace mantel and was left with this clean looking window:
I'll probably change it tomorrow, but hey, that's the fun of it! And the old shelf from above the TV was moved to the entry way and I think it looks great there! Lots of possibilities for decorating it too...

I just love how the frames fill up that wall! (Though you probably wondered why I had empty frames hanging the past couple months.)  :)
Worked on filling some of those frames recently...
This quote made me chuckle and yet feel empowered at the same time. :) I printed out the words, cut them by hand and sorta glued them to scrapbook paper. (Don't know how long it will stay seeing how in our family, we don't say "freakin" it may only stay until Ry can read what it says.)  :) 
That one I just made on a Word document...about as easy as it gets! You could personality to anything!

Hopefully a post on new curtains will be forthcoming, but I am having trouble committing to a fabric so that project keeps getting postponed. Thanks for viewing!...You weirdos that, like me, love to examine how other people decorate their homes! hehe :)

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