Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thank God for Clouds

It was SO good to get a break from the sun and the 105 degree weather thanks to some clouds! We took this lovely opportunity to plant our tree we've been growing to some day provide some shade in our shade-less backyard...

Daddy and Ry about to dig!

Getting the plant set!

First Picture of Ry & Her Tree! 

 The past week has been very interesting...a couple visits from multiple electricians, several phone calls to the landlord, a visit from the plumber...a hole in our bedroom wall, a fridge scare (turned out Ry had just turned the fridge 'OFF'!), a visit from ATT, am I forgetting anything...
 No big deal...we can handle anything this piece of wonderful crap this old house can dish out. :)

Some progress: mirror painted and edges sanded. I bought some plastic chickenwire-like stuff to experiment with. I finally have a vision for what's going inside the frame! You'll see it when I get to it... :)

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