Friday, July 8, 2011

Nothing says 'Welcome to our home!' like a...

Bowflex in the front room!
This does not mean I lost the battle for the front room, but merely that I love the husband....a lot! He knows I plan on finding some way to conceal it eventually.

One project I'm so excited about this month is a lady bug baby shower I'm hosting! Here's a pic of the invites in the works:

The past week has been crazy busy but I did get caught up on my card bundling. Did you know cards are kinda my thing? Well, they are! I just LOVE getting cards...and sending them. I save almost every card  I get. Random ones go in my shoe box (every member of the fam has their own shoebox for special things) but occasion cards get bundled together:
Birthday cards: First they get displayed for a week or two on 'the' shelf...
Then they get sorted by height, hole-punched, and strung with ribbon. Add a tag stating the occasion and they're done!
For graduation cards, I also included my announcement and thank you card I sent everyone. (I decided to put them here rather than scrapbook them)

First time I ever did this was with our wedding cards...I still love going through them and remembering who was there.


  1. I love simple ideas like this! Great blog, Shelley!

  2. love the card books! for our wedding and showers, i "scrapbooked" the cards on paper and put them in a 3 ring binder. i love to keep cards too!


  3. That's good too! I use 3 ring binders for all kind of things!