Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finally getting my living rooms back to livable

Man, I keep forgetting to post new pics on here...
Update on living rooms:
Desk: painted! It's two shades of a purpley grey.  I would repaint the walls to match better, but since we are most likely moving within the year, I shall leave it be.

Stuff inside! (Gotta say I was a little nervous when I pulled out all my supplies to put them in here, but it all fit!) I just need to organize it all now and then I can celebrate! First matter of business will probably be baby shower invites or something for a baby shower I am hosting next month! So excited!

Couch: girlified, somewhat. :)
Still want to add more detail to the pillows, like the button flower above.

If you need me...I will be at my scrapbooking station! :)

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