Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Free Food...Yes Please!

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to go out to eat...sit down at a restaurant and spending time talking and eating with friends. It's even better when the food, or part of it, is free!
June is a wonderful month because Zios sends me my birthday email a week before my birthday for a FREE entree (not BOGO)...and I can print off the coupon as many times as I want for the next 30 days. (As you can guess, the manager and staff there know us by name now) :) I've even used it to order food to-go and grabbed free dinner for the fam.

So my tip for you is to sign up with every restaurant or fast food place you like and see if they have an email club that will send you coupons and freebies. Rylan just got an email from Chuck E Cheese saying Happy Half Birthday with 20 free tokens. :)

Another great summer treat is Dairy Queen and Orange Julius. They both have email clubs you can sign up for and get BOGO deals. Ry and I love to go play at the play area at the mall and grab a treat at DQ/OJ right next door.

Some other places that have email clubs that I've used:

 MAZZIOS, COLD STONE CREAMERY (went out of business in Tulsa), STARBUCKS, WENDYS, RED ROBIN, OLIVE GARDEN, JASON'S DELI, auntie annes, CHICK-FIL-A (signed up in person at store's birthday club for Ry).              

Some other places I believe send out email deals but I have not signed up with:

     dunkin donuts, steak 'n shake, Waffle house, fuddruckers, quiznos, buffalo wild wings, Denny's, chili's, ihop, KFC, red lobster, t.g.i friday's (with their 'Stripes' Card club), Pizza Hut, Papa Murphy's, Menchie's, Arby's, Baskin-Robbins, the list goes on...
(You can check out a longer list at

Most chain restaurants have email lists. Hopefully you won't mind sorting through the emails you sign up for, b/c not all of them will include a coupon. But very few places send emails more than twice a month.
Some places also send you a different coupon every year you're an email insider as an anniversary present. :)  Olive Garden rarely sends out coupons I will actually use, but maybe you would. The Cheesecake Factory has yet to send me a good coupon via email; its mainly just news...boring! Subway is the same way.

So what restaurants have you found that send out good deals??

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