Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mission Impossible?

At least it seemed impossible when I first started learning about how to live like an extreme couponer. Granted, you will never see me on Extreme Couponing, but I do want to incorporate as many of their principles as possible. My loftiest goal would be to cut our $650 average monthly grocery/household total in half! I am slowly getting there...

First thing was to research...and research some more. I found hundreds of 'frugal' blogs that post deals, coupons, and advice. I watched dozens of online tutorials too.
My progression:
1. Learn!
2. Start saving past newspaper coupon inserts
3. Sign up for daily/weekly blog emails listing deals
4. Try to follow some advertised deals-get free stuff.
5. Use deals w/ coupons to get more free stuff and make extra money from it.

1. Copied a deal posted on a blog and got 20 free pens!
2. Followed another deal and got a razor w/ 4 refill blades for $0.88.
3. Had samples and coupons for free products send to me. (Blogs tell you when companies are having promotional events via their website)
4. Yesterday's buy:
Total cost at CVS: $1.87 (I guess I didn't need to spend $1.07 of that on MMS) :)
5. Today's buy:
Total cost at Walmart: -$1.19 (would have been even more but had a cranky cashier and 2 hungry kids so I didn't mess with some other coupon deals that she was fighting with me about)

I started off using but found it to be a little hard to navigate and loaded with ads. Also, Oklahoma is not listed under the local deals section so you can only use it for Target, Walmart, and some drugstores. My favorite site so far is I love it! Great content for learning about couponing, new content weekly, daily/weekly emails featuring deals and coupons. I love the coupon database where you can search by brand or product and her site will pull up any known coupons, listing where you can find them and when they expire. It's been a huge help to me. I also get daily emails from (They also have store deals listed and a coupon database, but blog mainly about product and online specific deals.) There are too many frugal sites to even start counting, but those are the ones I've found and have used the most.

So are you couponing? What are your goals? How do you save money on groceries?
Where are you in your journey of becoming a Proverbs 31 momma? Here's to always learning and growing! *clinks invisible glasses*

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