Monday, August 1, 2011

A weekend of blessings

First thing this weekend, my dad's cat had 4 kittens! I had never seen baby animals before so I was pretty excited...and its weird to me since dad just got this cat as a kitten herself last fall!
Ry was loving holding them! How fun it will be to watch them grow into bouncy little kittens.

Also this weekend, I had the privilege of hosting a baby shower for a dear friend of mine. She has been such a support to me the last couple years. (we met when we were both pregnant with our first and now this is her second baby) She was the one who taught me to pray about every little thing that concerns me. And now I find that I get to minister that same message to her during this time in her life.
I did a 'little lady' lady bug theme...
The invitations: (Obviously I don't have a good camera, sorry)

Beautiful name: Elizabeth Kate
Diaper Cake:

Lady Bug Cake:

The main purpose of the shower was to make the momma feel so loved and BLESSED! I wanted to pour out blessings upon this new baby girl and her family. I made a "Blessing Blanket" (My first time ever trying to make something like this so it's not perfect).
Blessing Blanket and matching burp cloth:

 I made a Velcro opening so that we could fill the bottom section with 'blessings'...this is what makes it a 'blessing' blanket...I had scraps of fabric and had everyone write blessings on them.  The momma read them all out loud then we had the author place their blessing inside the blanket. Elizabeth can snuggle up with her blessing blanket and know that so many people loved her and took the time to pray blessings into her life and the life of her family. When she gets older, she can pull the blessings out and read what people wrote to her while she was in the womb. Of course, I started crying while explaining the blessing craft to everyone. :)

We also read traditional blessings from other cultures; Jewish, Irish, Apache, etc. I so enjoyed reading them and speaking them over Elizabeth.
After the blessing, we prayed over the momma and spoke more blessings into her life and the approaching delivery...again, more tears. :)

I had the best time ever and am so glad I got to do this for her. The response from the guests were incredible and I was almost shocked to hear how God was moving in people's hearts through this little shower. He really can use anything and anyone! Thank you God for loving us, loving through us, and always providing!

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