Thursday, September 1, 2011

For the love of little boy clothes...

Um, yeah...I don't have a little boy, but I do have a growing collection of little boy clothes in a closet. It all started when we were told last pregnancy that we were having a boy, only to find out otherwise the next ultrasound. During that 2 weeks, I made a major score at! Cutest clothes ever!! :) Well, I gave most of it away to friends and family for presents but still had a few left over. Add to that, I buy boys clothes whenever they are dirt cheap (to me, $2). I mean, come on, that's cheaper than Walmart prices. Most of the stuff in my collection was under $2 and that is so exciting to me. And I only buy what I really really love since I know I'll have plenty of other boy clothes to borrow from my step sis's 2 boys whenever we do have a boy.

Here's a peek at what I got in the past month:
JCPenney sales rock! (and I always have an add 15% off from saving my receipt and doing the online survey)
One is 6-9 months, the other 2T (and SO cute!)...I buy all sizes.

Children's Place: (again with the 15% coupons...they send them out all the time!)

Gotta love it!

So, little future boy...your momma's been preparing for your arrival for some time now...hope you like the clothes someday. :) I work on a sewing project, a glue and paint project, an alteration project, or a quilting project...I mean, its just too hot to go play outside...

Oh, I have been absent the past many days scanning and editing old photos from mom...Sneak peek:
Man, if only I could edit that hairdo...

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