Saturday, June 18, 2011

25 Big Ones!

What a busy birthday weekend... Wish I could post pics of something cool, but alas, I do not have such pictures. I had a great birthday party Friday and spent the day today driving from one furniture store to the next searching for the right couch. Well...we (me and my shopping buddy Ashley...and Len via text messages) found the couch we are going to get. It will be here on Monday I hope...then I can finally get this house back together!!

I will leave you with a new recipe I tried, and loved. Talk about EASY! It's a strawberry ice cream pie. (You could do almost any fruit.)
Mind you, this is not a finished product picture. :)
How to:
1. Pie Crust (dry or make your own via nuts and oats. Don't use a frozen one...lesson learned)
2. Grate (via food processor) your fruit...add some agave nectar for extra sweetness
3. Scoop ice cream (can soften if desired) into pie crust.
4. Add fruit...then cover with saran wrap and freeze until ice cream is solid
5. Top with cool whip and perhaps fruit on top.

YUM!  :)

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