Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A little too masculine for me...

Well, it's been a little challenging getting much done this week. We did get the new couch in the living room. Now I need to rearrange the wall art and make new pillows for the couch. Len and I compromised on the's better than the old 'bachelor pad' vinyl leather but still a little I will add some pillows to make it a bit more feminine. I got some fabric and my ideas are to make some with fabric flower details, ribbon accents, and the use of buttons to spell out a giant G. I may also dabble with some fabric paint. All of which I've never done before but seems easy enough to do.

I'm not one to read directions for more than a minute. I just try and retry and see if I get it don't judge my sewing 'skills'. :) Here's my first attempt at some fabric flowers w/ brads...
Here are my before pillows for later reference:
(the above pillow was a shiny black one)
Here is the new couch without any pillows:

Triple the butt space!!
Oh...I scored this awesome heavy duty frame when I bought the couch...only $10! (Going to be another project coming soon!)

I also recently scored these sweet shoes off and they arrived today... I've never owned any converse or anything Ed Hardy...
Let me tell you...these are awesome!! :)

Ok...back to more sewing...after I go buy more thread...

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