Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For the love of all things creative... I shall blog!

Hello World!

It dawned on me recently just how much I've done and learned the past couple years with regards to expressing my creativity. I decided I should blog and post all the DIY projects, organizational tips, money saving ideas, etc that I have and maybe it will help or inspire someone else.

Most of us want to be the best version of ourselves, especially us moms...we wear a thousand different hats and balance everything in our family's world. I know what it feels like to just exist and get through a day and have only accomplished washing the laundry. I also know the feeling of getting a lot done in a day and feeling good about myself because I got to use my specific skills that day.

I want to further develop the skills I have. I'm not the queen of couponing or the dutchess of sewing. I'm certainly not a master chef, but I have skills in each of those areas. My stronger areas would be in: organizing, researching, creating solutions, and repurposing furniture. :) On this blog, I want to share my experiences as I learn and grow in each of these areas of my life and motherhood.

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