Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Transactions #80, 81, and 82...

Successful Craigslist transactions that is! (I started keeping track awhile ago and that's as many as I could remember) This week we sold our black couches, a lawn mower and I bought myself an amazing birthday present via Craigslist.

I have been looking for a scrapbooking storage solution for years and have finally found something that will work in this house! I don't need a whole scrapbook room or anything...just something better than having to pull 8 containers out of the closet every time I want to craft, make gifts and cards, or scrapbook.
Here's what I bought!
Literally every drawer pulls out once opened. The bottom middles section is open and slides out and the sides are actual drawers. I will finally have easy access to just sit down and pull out what I need! And these are the BEFORE know I'm not going to leave it that color! (Still not sure what color to do will be housed in the front living room)

So stay tuned for the AFTER pictures coming soon!

And if you aren't taking advantage of Craigslist... get with the program... so many great deals out there!

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