Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Holy's been awhile :)

Well a lot's been going on and most of it I can't show because it involves Christmas presents...seriously, there is a mountain of fabric that Ry can squat and hide behind in my living room. :) So far we've wrapped 4 Christmas gifts...they are sitting under our barker's rake anxiously awaiting the day they will be under a Christmas tree. :)

When I am able to plan ahead, I love to get things done ahead of time so I'm not stressed for time closer to the date.  With Christmas gifts, I try to start buying, or at least making a list, in July.  We have a 'gift' budget each month and some months I spend it on future gifts, like Christmas.  We also put money from each paycheck in an envelope so that we have money to spend on Christmas gifts.  If you don't have a plan for Christmas gifts, make one! Putting $20 a paycheck aside is an easy thing to do.  I love the freedom that comes with shopping with money that has been set aside specifically for that purpose.

One craft I tried and loved this week was making 'fake makeup'. Ry had been playing with my empty makeup containers so I figured she'd probably like them even more if they had color to them. So I poured a couple different colors of nail polish into the containers and let them dry.  Now she has REAL 'fake makeup'.  :)
I've collected some more containers from other people and plan on making some more and putting them in a cute personalized bag and giving them as a gift for a cute little niece. Shhh. :)

Do you dehydrate? I am slowly learning more recipes, but the main reason I bought a good dehydrator was for fruit roll ups! Banana has been our favorite flavor so far. I was inspired by Kenn's baby food flavored - Mixed Berry Banana....yum! :)  So I added a bunch of blackberries, and a couple raspberries and strawberries to 3 bananas in the food processor, added a touch of agave nectar and...
tastes like a Jamba Juice smoothie! 7 hours later...
20 minutes later... it's all gone...
Yes, it's that good!'s a sneak peak of what I've been working on the past 4 days...will post tomorrow?
(Why is the TV on the floor??)  :)

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