Friday, September 30, 2011

While The Hubby Is Away.... Momma Shall Play -My Tradition

So I have this tradition...and it's never been broken...Every time Len goes out of town for a weekend or more, I redo something in the house. Not that there's a goal to redo everything, I just jump on the opportunity to get stuff done while he's away! I can't really work on projects when he's home.
During past times I've:
Repainted our bedroom
Repainted both living rooms
Refinished a bookshelf
Finished Kennley's room
Got a new couch and rearranged the family room
And many other smaller projects and others I'm just not remembering right now.

So this time I did what I'd been wanting to do for a while now...change the TV stand. Now the black TV stand (well, dresser) was nice and better than the huge 'cowboy cabinet' thing we used to have. But hey, that one was free. My goal was to eventually get rid of everything black in the living room. Started with the couch...then the large the TV stand...and someday we'll get a different coffee table...

I knew what I wanted it to look like, but didn't know where to get one from. I looked for days online to get a feel for what styles were out there and then checked Craigslist daily. I figured I needed between $65-90 to purchase one from Craigslist. (Side Note: I believe we are at #92 successful Craigslist transactions...might have a party or something once we reach #100!) I decided to join my neighbor on Saturday and have a garage sale, hoping to make $65-90! Well, on Friday night I was given one of the nicest TV stands I've ever seen...for free!! Thank you Jesus! :)
Here's what it looked like:
(Of course I forgot to take a real Before photo...this is after I sanded it!)
Another view...beautiful wood...almost felt bad painting it.
The process: Primer!
Two coats of fire engine red paint (no cost for supplies since the red paint was leftover from the front door and mom supplied the stain)
(That's how I roll...I always work right on top of the carpet...It's worked for me so far.)
Disclaimer: I am not saying you should do that too! :)
Since when do we pose like this??
Stain (brush one, wipe off...repeat a million times) and a coat of polyurethane applied!
Another view of the stain:
Now I can clean the TV for the last time since no little fingers can touch it now! Bwahaha!

See Ry's pumpkin she grew! :) Oh and that little black thing by the statue is an iPod dock...never heard of that!
So there ya have it...come over and see it sometime...or just see me! :)

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