Friday, September 2, 2011

What a nice day to stay inside and get crafty!

Today I worked on a couple different projects and actually started and completed one in a single day! I know, amazing! :) Here was the inspiration:

 It's such a cute idea, but I wouldn't pay $24.95 for this piece that's only 15 inches tall.

Soooo, I bought a plain white 30 inch board and spray painted the edges with a metallic grey. I then typed up all my sayings on my friend's Cricut machine I'm borrowing. (Which is wonderful to have...with the family values frame thing I did, I cut out each letter by hand...) I glued them on and Voila!

I decided to just stick with food related things since I'm going to hang it by the kitchen table. I love that I spent less than $3 to make a bigger replica-type of my inspiration!

Here are 2 sneak peeks of other projects in the works...

Yeah, you're probably thinking "What the heck is that?"  :)

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